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Faculty of "Architecture and Urban Planning"

The Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning is committed to the study of the natural and man-made systems primarily comprising cities and buildings. The Faculty and its curricula are organized around two basic disciplines of design and planning.

We aspire to lead the region in the creation of sustainable designed environments, both digital and physical, to enhance the collective human experience. Our teaching and research programs foster critical and creative thinking across the disciplines of Architectural Science (BA, MA, and PhD), Urban Design & Planning (MA and PhD) and Restoration (MA and PhD).

Department of Architecture
The Department of Architecture offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. The four-year undergraduate study grants the Bachelor's degree in Architecture. Focal points of undergraduate education are architectural design studios aiming to freely develop the students' investigative sides, creative personalities and way of thinking. Students have the opportunity during their undergraduate studies to follow minor programs in different areas like business administration, building technology and structure, history of Art....
Department of Urban Design and Planning  
The Department of Urban Design and Planning offers an accredited, professional Master Program in Urban Planning, as well as an Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Urban Design and Planning.
MA in Urban Design and Planning
PhD in Urban Design and Planning
Department of Restoration  
The Department of Restoration offers MA and PhD programs in Restoration. Architecture students entering this department will follow Research and Documentation of Historical Buildings, History of Iran Architecture, Historic Preservation and Traditional Construction, and History and Theory of Preservation...  
MA in Restoration
PhD in Restoration

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