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Dr. Mahmoud Reza Azizi is Founder and President of International Academy of Art, Science, and Technology (IAAST).
ans Art and Architecture Engineering and Training Group.

Born in 1955 Iran-Mashhad ,finished his High school in 1974 in  Alborz School -Tehran . Exactly after that in 1974 his university educations started in two different field :
1.Architecture in Rome Architecture University - Sapienza
2.Design in Rome University of Fine Arts

In 1979 he graduated from Rome University of Fine Arts, in 1981 from Rome Architecture University.

The career in Architecture and Urban Design in several companies various cities around the world been established since 1981, more than thousands  of projects designed and supervised in around the world.

Educational centers also established during these years like: 

Farayand (Process) Arts and Science in Iran Main theory and idea always been focused on Architecture and engineering using the latest technology and has been responsible for educating thousands of young students that have participated in Actual projects as workshops.

The institutes of Wind International, Wind TV, and Wind VU have focused on digital computer science as one of the company’s main traits.

The Facebook page of the institute provides the audience and followers with images and works that improve artistic vision and perspective.

In the first decade of 20th century International Academy had the best Training Media Team. Which was followed by the establishment of Art & architecture in Italy and Middle East countries that has over 20 million fans around the globe and social media.

The English lessons of the professors are accessible for free on the YouTube channel which had more than 2 million views by students and architectures around the world.

Founding educational centers and workshops in deprived areas such as Kousheh and masjed Soleiman is also another accomplishment of the A & A group.


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