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Looking back, with 33 years of experience in the Middle East and in Europe in the engineering field and enjoying the expertise of most efficient personnel, Farayand ( proccess) Art & Science founded its first educational center, "International Academy of Art, Science, and Technology".

Since 1981 Training the Latest Topics of architecture, art and engineering has been objectives’ member of the founding Farayand Group (Process). More than 1,000 worldwide projects designed and supervised by Architects and Engineers of this group.

Always in different educational levels, Institution with the best teachers and latest technology simultaneously has been active in working on large projects.

With more than 30,000 educational programs are result of this effort has been in the digital world in YouTube channels and HotBird satellite. Structure of workshops training has been created by Farayand (Process) Engineer Consultancy, World in Development, Art & Science Company and Art and Architecture.Digital Studios have been located in Art & Architecture in Italy, World in Development in Dubai, Farayand (Process) Art & Science in Iran. In addition, Art & Architecture have over 20 million fans in the worldwide that managing by first graduated students of institute whom has offering and publication of latest topics in Art and architecture filed.

The company's technical staff in Dubai physically trained and graduated from 2000 to 2010 in the International Academy Art, Science & technology. In rural areas, Knowledge villages established then after the staff trained, managing & supervising it was delivered to them to work there.

The goal is to train a professional staff for developing of underdeveloped areas. The purpose is putting all lessons topics online then create jobs in that area for them.


IAAST offers different graduate and undergraduate programs in Architecture and Urban Planning , Interior Design, Virtual Design, Design, Graphic Design, Cinema, Professional Course

International Academy of Art, Science & Technology, Wind Virual University, Art and Architecture Srl., Farayand Group
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