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Nowadays, all researches and real projects should be summarised into a multimedia-base course/presentation and webcasted to be used, criticised, and judged by other enthusiasts (virtual world)...

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WVU offers different programs through main six existing faculties:
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We have established some education centers around the world including "International Academy of Art, Science, and Technology" in Dubai, "Wind International TV Channel" and two Knowledge Villages in poor outlying districts of Iran: "Koushe Knowledge Village" (in the northeast) and "Masjid Soleiman Knowledge Village" (in the southwest).

International Academy

Wind TV Channel


Koushe KV

Masjid Soleiman KV

Farayand Farayand
AEC & Property Mnmgt. Group
In real world, any piece of learning should be expirenced, evaluated and organised. Each engineer, architect, and student should employ and practice the learned theorical concepts in the practical active projects (real world)...
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